Landlords need to prepare for post Brexit changes in the immigration laws

Posted Jul 5th 2017 by Property Lets Online

So, Britain voted out of the European Union. What are the implications for UK landlords, from the immigration laws point of view? Politicians say there will be no immediate change to the immigration status of those EU citizensí, who are living and working in the UK. However, it is expected that some changes will happen sooner or later that will give the government of the day the tools for a tighter control of the immigration flow. In practice it is very likely that UK landlords might be asked to deal with even more complicated rules around tenantsí Right to Rent verification.

In the current climate of uncertainty and high pace changes, a simple app helps to solve a big problem. Right to Rent (R2R) app takes the users step by step through the process of the immigration status checks, prompts them which document to ask the tenant for and shows how the documents in question should look like. The R2R app returns an immediate Yes or No answer without making the users wait and rely on the third parties and how busy their workload is on the particular day. It monitors any changes in the legislation, helps the user to keep their tenantsí records in order and provides the users with the best defence against any claims of their potential negligence or unfair discrimination towards the prospective and current tenants.

Currently, there is a vast array of tenant verification offers available on the market. However they were mostly focused on the validating of the actual documents and only solving a part of the problem. The more complicated questions such as which of the over 140 possible documents to request from a prospective tenant, or whether the provided document has the appropriate immigration stamp, have been left open for landlords and their agents. Now they have a complete simple solution and Right to Rent app guides the landlords and their appointed agents safely through the maze of bureaucracy, saves time and costs (with the rates starting from £1.99 per check).

Change is not easy to manage especially when the whole country goes through an unprecedented political and an economic volatility. Stay in control of the tenantsí immigration status checks with the Right to Rent app.

You can download it now from the Appstore, Right to Rent app website or twitter @Right_to_Rent

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